Wednesday, August 8, 2007

laughter the best medicine

Four consultants went duck hunting - a registrar, a radiologist, a surgeon and a pathologist. The registrar was up first.
The ducks flew over and he aimed the shotgun but didn't fire. When asked why he replied that he thought they looked like ducks coming towards him,
but geese flying away, when i was sure what they were they were gone.
The radiologist was next. The ducks flew over, the radiologist raised his gun but didn't fire.
When asked why he said that he thought they were ducks on the AP view, but by the time he could see
them in the lateral it was too late.
Next was the surgeon. As the ducks came along he started firing wildly in the air, ducks falling like rain.
When the smoke cleared he picked up the ducks, handed them to the pathologist saying "here you are.
Now tell me are these ducks or not?"

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