Sunday, April 22, 2007

what can OMF Radiology do for you?

OMF Radiology is a relatively new field and is underexposed in terms of it's scope. It is an emerging field and its only a matter of time that people in the Industry will realize its greater potential and better utilize its services!! here are a few things that OMF Radiology can offer to the patient and dentist community.
The scope is immense and my belief is that this speciality is still taking it's baby steps , and it wont be long before we see giant leaps !!!!


Intraoral Cone Beam CT Investigations
Pre-Implant Imaging
Impaction/Localization of teeth or foreign body
Sinus Investigations
Intrabony Pathology
TMJ Studies
Asymmetry Evaluations
Third Molar/Nerve Relationship
3D Rendering Diagnostic PhotographyStudy Model Preparation
Interpretation of Radiographs from Another Source
Digitizing of Conventional Radiographs
Making of DICOM files for compatible software applications e.g. SimPlant, Nobel Procera, Implant Logic System, EFilm to help the dentists and patients plan their procedures better.


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